School Building

School provides good infrastructure and excellent facilities to students. School building consists of four wings and two medical rooms. All the class rooms are spacious and well ventilated and equipped with comfortable sitting arrangements. Two comfortable staff rooms, medical room and administrative block exist in the school with all required facilities. Arrangement for the safe purified drinking water and cleaned wash room facilities are provided according to the strength.




This superb facility provides the School with a 1000- seater, acoustically engineered auditorium. It has proved to be very popular for small conferences, drama and debating events, Inter House Inter Class and inter schools activities visiting speakers and meetings. The auditorium is meant for all public and school functions. The large stage with a green room is frequently used for plays as well as other stage presentations. The projector, keyboard, state-of-the-art sound system and lights enable students to make presentations, practice for various activities and Programmes.


Library of an institution is rightly called the “Treasure of Knowledge” which creates the real learning atmosphere. An informed mind is a valuable asset to society. School has very opulent and rich library. The school actively encourages students to read books and library hours are part of the curriculum. The spacious library accommodates 200 students who can choose from a treasure trove of 30, 000 books. Reading is to the Mind what Exercise is to the Body. Library of a school provides the best opportunity to the students and staff to self explore their academic talents. We have a well equipped library for children to quench their thirst for information. It has the latest reference books as well as high quality fiction. Information and educational magazines are also available. Students can update themselves on the latest information as there are 2 computers available for their use in the library.Every year, latest edition text and reference books are added, which help in providing the current information to the students. To inculcate habit of reading among students National/ Local Newspapers and Magazines/ Journals are subscribed too. It has the latest reference books as well as high quality fiction. Information and educational magazines are also available. Students can update themselves on the latest information .



Computer Laboratory

The school has taken ample measures in furnishing fully equipped computer laboratories with 100 computers and skilled teachers. Our School has 3 computer laboratories, for primary and higher class students. In today’s Information Age, the internet, with millions of gigabytes of information, holds the key to knowledge. The junior and senior computer labs are equipped with the latest computers. A wide range of educational software packages have been installed to enable students to enjoy the interactive process. The computer ratio is maintained at 2:1, providing all students the opportunity of e-learning. Students can access the multimedia center that enables multi-modal teaching and multisensory learning. The advanced technology available on campus includes the following:
• Networking system for the campus
• Close Circuit Television to monitor security and students' movement
Children upgrade themselves to today's information age with unlimited information at the click of a mouse at the Computer Lab.

Science Labs

The School has 3 labs with all essential equipments: -
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
The marvels of science can be experienced practically by the students in the state-of-the-art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Smart class- Teacher-led educational content based solution that has dramatically improved learning outcomes in our school. The vision of our school is to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child and create lifelong learners who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Our school aspiration is to create global citizens who are innovative and have a strong sense of values. In smart class each subject is structured and documented so as to enhance the growth of mind and body. 25 class rooms are equipped with smart class board.



KYC-Know Your Child Programme

Our school has introduced a new concept called “Educational Communication System” for parents to know about their children on daily basis through SMS, E-Mails (those who have) and call centre Help Line 24x7. This package covers:
1. Daily SMS to parents on – a) What is tought in the class page numbers. b) Daily home work , exam in formation with page numbers.
2. Absentees list to concern parents.
3. Teacher’s Instruction to the class.
4. Teacher’s Instruction on a particular child to concerned parents.
5. Schools related information.
6. For any enquiry / complain contact Toll Free No:18001088010
KYC is a first of its kind communication programme which bridges the gap between the school and parents ,as the parents can now track their ward’s class work, interaction with teachers ,attendance, participation in extra curricular activities etc through SMS and email communications KYC backed by a 24x7 help line Call centre which helps resolve any queries from parents about all aspects of the school activities.


St. Joseph's School has enrolled 30 girls in NCC very soon boys will be also enrolled. These young soldiers are trained for Independence Day and Republic Day Parade. They participate in promoting awareness about vigilance against corruption, communal harmony etc for the welfare of the community.
The school Band is also a part of these young soldiers who participate in all such activities. They also render voluntary service during functions and Here at school we have an active company which meets every Saturday at 8.30 am. Students are learning, sharing, caring and helping their sister cadets master skills, pick values and learn lessons of goodness from their elder sisters and brothers. This system of training which encourages girls to learn to lead, to meet challenges, build positive and a friendly attitude, to learn to live with and for one another is the essence of NCC System.
Inter school cadet competitions help NCC in building healthy relationships, sports day teaches them to help, love and serve all, Camping & shooting are the great points in guiding which appeals to every girl and boys to build in self reliance and resourcefulness besides mother earth blessing her with fresh air, good environment and of course good health.



Literary Competitions

Our Mission is not only to impart education also to explore vast plains of each and every child’s personality to see in which field they excel. The spirit of both productive and cultural aspects of our students is enlightened through various competitions at the school, state as well as national level.


Our students are formed into various groups and clubs. From the primary classes we teach them to take care of the plants and the cleanliness of the school premises through these clubs. One such club is Eco Club who plants saplings every year and take care of them. This year too we had the tree plantation as all of us are aware of the alarming environmental issues by the humanity. At tender age we try our best to inculcate in our students the significance of plantation and to take care of the trees.



School Canteen

Canteen prevails in the school premises to facilitate students to buy eatables during break time.
It facilities provides hygienic and tasty snacks at reasonable rates. The extensive menu offers a host of culinary delights that range from Indian and Chinese food.

Digital Library

The digital library is to fill your mind with books and raising rock star readers. You will be continually amazed in awe because it creates a literary environment,create fun, book loving environment with right books. Here is where you can search for literary apps and download some e-Books for a treat.
The digital Library database has been completely re-imagined, with a redesigned experience that more efficiently guides readers to identify their research topic and find authoritative information to support their research claim. Digital Library—the user-friendly general reference tool—delivers one of the largest general reference collections of periodical and digital media content designed to support every range of users, including middle and high school students, and professional educators. Educators can even search for resources that correlate to state and national standards, including Common Core State Standards.



Martial Arts

Martial arts cover a broad range of activities that involve fighting techniques, physical exercises, and methods of mental discipline, among other skills. Martial arts are used today around the world for self-defence, exercise, health, spiritual growth, law enforcement, and athletic competition.
Martial arts involve intellectual concepts as well as physical techniques. Martial arts cultivate these concepts of balance and adaptation to the natural flow of events.
Martial arts teach self-defence, and can improve confidence and self-esteem. When used as exercise, martial arts can improve balance, strength, stamina, flexibility, and posture. They also enhance weight loss and improve muscle tone. On the mental level, martial arts can teach stress management, improve concentration, and increase will power. Disease prevention, and healing purposes. Some teachers claim that martial arts can be used as spiritual practices, bringing balance, peace, and wisdom to dedicated practitioners.

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic mathematics is very useful. One can solve even 14 digit calculations in seconds. We all know everybody is not genius. In doing mathematical calculations, many a times it happens that the school system is not sufficient enough to teach the simplest and easy way of learning and understanding. The system of vedic mathematics helps us to gain lightning speed in doing mathematical calculations. The system of vedic mathematics is based on 16 sutras and 13 subsutras. This programme also helps the school students in making their day to day math easy.


Smart Board

In classrooms, Smart Boards are being installed because this amazing technology not only enhances the way teachers teach, but it also enhances the way students learn. Smart Board technology in the classroom can enrich the curriculum by taking a typical lesson and turning it into a fun, more interactive one. It can provide students with an enriched learning experience by projecting visual elements. It also makes differentiated learning much easier because teachers are able to accommodate different learning styles. Visual learners are able to observe the whiteboard, while tactile learners can learn by touching the board. The touchscreen option allows teachers to run programs with the tap of their finger. This makes it not only makes it easy to navigate for the teacher, but for the students as well.

CCTV Surveillance System

In today's world, security is an increasing priority for schools. There are real and potential treats for students, teachers and material assets. CCTV has become increasingly popular for schools and education facilities.CCTV is now being used to reduce bullying by placing cameras at strategic locations. We have installed CCTV in each classroom, labs, offices and entire school Premises. When an incident occurs, a teacher can review the footage and identify the culprit or culprits. Some schools are using CCTV footage as an evidence to show the parents of misbehaved students that their child has a problem.In the age of technology, this simple weapon is one of the most effective ways to deter and fight the evils. CCTVsurveillance is of great importance in school. It helps in monitoring and keeping track of activities taking place in School premises.



Games and sport-based activities have formed a dominant part of the physical education curriculum with an interest in providing a meaningful and culturally situated sporting experience to students. Sport education is among the most popularly implemented and researched pedagogical model worldwide. We are providing vast playgrounds, badminton court, basketball court,table-tennis,separate playstation for classes I to III.Fencing and lawn bowl have aslo been a part of our sports curriculum. Our upcoming plans to improve our sports education is to open a gym for our students which will help them in terms of weight management & physical health.


Amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, schools have started to conduct online classes for students to keep up with their studies. Today we find ourselves in a new era, where all institutions are forced to go online, overnight, compelling many to learn fast. Faculty have to learn the medium first and then how to use this effectively in class juggling between various controls and options.

This is a large experiment and one can use the learnings from this current scenario to learn. This is a good time to build up capabilities for this situation. we are all learning from each other and finding ways of using technology to enhance learning and change the dynamics of the classroom in a positive way. Online has advantages of flexibility, reduced commuting time and more time with the family.