Our Curriculum is divided into the following areas of learning:

Language and Literature - English
• II Language - HIndi / Odia (UKG)
• Mathematics
• Environmental Science (EVS)
• Music (Rhymes)
• Physical Education
• Art & Craft


Extra-curricular & Club Activities

Creativity is a quality of being constructive, original and producing something as a work of thought or imagination. It requires a stimulating, understanding and encouraging environment.
• Expression of creativity among children can be done through dramatics, art and music.
• It is vital for every child to experience success and can be urged to stretch the limits of their potentials regardless of their inherent abilities and disabilities. To provide equal opportunity to every child, we have activities like:
• Independence Day programme
• Christmas programme
• Talent search day / Children's day programme
• K. G. Sports/ annual concerts
• Babies day (Picnic)
• Fancy dress competition.
• "Once upon a Rhyme" (Rhyme Time)

Spell Bee Competition


Fancy dress Competition


Ryla Competition


Planatarium (Picnic)


Assessment and Children's Record

The Progress and performance of every child is assessed regularly throughout the year.
• The assessment and recording of children's work give a picture of the skills and concepts achieved and understood by the child.

• It helps to identify the area of weakness and thereby ensure that the child can be helped in her difficulties by giving extra support to improve her learning.

• It helps to inform the parents of the child's progress and encourage them to support the child's learning at home with positive attitude and to build confidence.

• In the Kindergarten section, every child has been assessed in the formal and informal way.

• It's a continuous assessment based on daily learning activities and the progress that she makes in the class.

• To know the ability of the child's skills in writing, reading, problem solving, matching, counting and understanding of concepts - worksheets are done and assessed.

• Children's progress report will be sent home every term for 2 terms.

• We appreciate the effort made by every child in every area of her learning and encourage self-confidence.

Primary SCHOOL & High School

• Child centered learning
• E-learning (Smart Class,Digital Classroom)

The entire school follow package system & ICSE syllabus.
Media Education is imparted through Audio-Visual classes where Value Education and Social Awareness is taught by exposure to the outside world through interesting Slides and Movies. Active involvement of students in class
• Providing conducive platform for self learning and development
• Close supervision for slow learners
• Continuous Assessments
• Close interaction between Parents and Teachers.