Art & Craft

Chidlren are given an opportunity to be Creative and Innovative through regualar Art and Craft classes.Students are given Art & craft ideas how to decorate a plastic glass, make a Rustic Hut from the grass, rainbow heart card, greeting cards, Christmas trees, flower vases, etc. Painting and decoration on Earthen Vessels, stitching and embroidery , Tie and Dye for the senior students. Thermocol letter cuttings and making different models and symbols. Brochure making, conducting exhibition on Art and Craft, Fresh Flower Vase arrangement, Salad decoration, icing of cakes and many other things including language puppet show. Children are given an opportunity to be creative and innovative through regular Art and craft class.

The students of V, VI & VII learn the basic methods of drawing and painting with oil pastels, water colours, poster colours and fabric colours. Besides painting with brush, spray work, thread work, thumb painting, nail painting, leaf printing, vegetable printing is demonstrated. Children are encouraged to participate in various competitions and also display their work through the year to boost their confidence. In addition to the same, best work is appreciated and prizes are award on the Annual Prize Day.


Dance & Music

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An elaborated Music room is present in the school with Western and Indian instruments. Music is taught to the students.Rhythm and co-ordination of movement are brought out through dance. Children are helped to discover their inherent ability to sing. The finer aspects of music is ably trianed by the Music Teachers.


The school lays a strong emphasis on physical fitness. Students are trained in physical activities and sports right from the nursery level. Two parks are there with equipments like swing, see-saw, sliders etc Qualified coaches train promising students in tennis, Volleyball, basketball, hockey, cricket, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho karate and athletics. Inter-house and inter school sports are held in an enjoyable and friendly environment. We continue to win laurels for the school and represent the state and the nation in various sports.Many girls take part in various sports events during the sports day and some of our students excel in individual events like atheletics, tennis, and basketball. All these facilities are provided by the school to enhance their sporting talents.

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Competitions held in national and regional level

• Spell Bee
• Talent Search
• Olympiad
• Silverzone
• Literary competition
• Sports events
• Fancy dress
• Every year we have concert/ sports / exhibition/chaliader scope, Grand parents day & Picnic other than different occasions and observant days.

Christmas Program

Christmas adds colour and gaiety at Cottons. It is a time for laughter, cheer, and a time for giving and sharing. The children and teachers are given gifts to make Christmas more meaningful.